Vila Kapa... the village of Parajuru

Parajuru, village of fishermen… and kiters

Welcome to Parajuru, a preserved paradise in the heart of Brazil…


Coming to Parajuru

  • Flights: Air France direct Paris-Fortaleza – Pinto Martins (international airport). Or with the TAP, with a stopover in Lisbon
  • There are various car rental companies at the airport. Unidas is good value for money
  • Organization of your airport-villa transfer, for a maximum of 4 people, luggage included, 1h30 journey (approx. 300 reais per journey)

The Ceara region

…a tropical land where life is good…
If you want to go further in the discovery and knowledge of Ceara, here is a link that will give you some interesting information, including a video (in French) of a report made on Fortaleza and its region. Discover Ceara

Prepare your trip well

  • In the suitcase, only summer clothes. In the morning, you will only choose the color of the shorts or the skirt. Nothing else needed. We live barefoot or in flip-flops. Good, for the most cautious who would “tropicalize” quickly, a sweatshirt for the evening
  • The sun sets at 6 p.m. and rises at 5 a.m. Given that we are close to the equator, it hardly varies throughout the year. The time difference between France/Switzerland and the Northeast region of Brazil is 5 hours in summer and 4 hours in winter.

Language and currency

  • the national language is Brazilian Portuguese. Although very similar to the original Portuguese, its pronunciation is different. Those who speak Spanish will have facilities to communicate
  • the national currency is the Real (R$). The conversion rate varies around 5 (1 Euro = 5 reais). June 2022 rate is at 5.3
  • the nearest ATM to Parajuru is in Fortim (10 min. drive). However, the vending machine is not always full (welcome to Brazil). It is therefore preferable to change money at the airport (at least part of it)

Formalities and visa

  • a passport whose validity date is 6 months greater than the date of entry is sufficient to travel to Brazil for a maximum of 90 days.

Vaccines and health

  • find out about Traveldoc, the official site of all the world’s airlines, to find out the rules for entering Brazil, a site that is constantly updated.
  • The local pharmacy being scarce in medicines, please plan your small kit with the basics. It goes without saying, good sun protection (on the water, lycra clothing highly recommended). Mosquito repellent spray at nightfall

Parajuru's Square

Village life….


Simplicity and joy of living

The kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants of this fishing village are good. Learn a little Portuguese to share with the population who, despite their poverty, exudes a joy of living from which we would do well to inspire ourselves 😃.

Habits and customs

Brazilians love to party and it’s contagious! Music, dance and caipis are part of everyday life here. We are very religious in Brazil (mainly Christians). The churches are open and busy! If you pass by, you will discover religious ceremonies all in song and joy.

Gastronomy and no-fuss

You will find a fruit and vegetable merchant on the village square, a supermarket, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, various mini-markets on every street corner. Restaurants: Parajuru offers a good dozen nice places to discover local flavors or those of the world, at ridiculous prices: for example in the heart of the village, on the main square, there are skewer merchants, small family restaurants ( some locals just opened their house and took out 2 tables on the street) which offer simple and tasty food. You can also eat in the various pousadas, hotels, in order to vary the pleasures

The Parajuru supermarket

All good plans…

Finally, a few… Bring us yours, so that the next ones can benefit from them!


  • There are many small stalls in Parajuru
  • The sewing school makes items made with used kites: sports bags, toiletry bags, city bags, but also hammocks and other items
  • Emily Rosa creates bikinis according to your wishes, or based on one of your models.

Muscle your body and your head

  • Capoeira lessons (several lessons per week, different levels)
  • Portuguese lessons (and why not?)

Relaxation and body care

  • Massage: either at the kite club where the masseuse takes care of you between your sessions or at home in our massage area
  • A beautician (hair, hand and foot care)

Parajuru fruit market