Vila Kapa... côté kite

A top spot for kiters… and others…

The Parajuru spot


Top of the Spot

The Parajuru spot brings together optimal conditions for the practice of kitesurfing. The configuration of the lagoon provides security and a flat surface, feet everywhere 3 hours before and after the tide as well as the water temperature (28°C all year round) are incredible assets, especially for beginners or to improve. The most experienced will vary the pleasures between the chops as soon as they leave the lagoon, the waves of the open sea or the discovery of wild corners going up the rio, in respect of the fishermen who share the place. No rocks on the beach and the bottom of the water, only white sand!

The kitesurfing school

It is in this idyllic environment that the KBC kite school has settled.
  • They also offer equipment for hire and the infrastructure is top notch, with storage to store your equipment, beach boy constantly on the beach to ensure safety.
  • Bar-restaurant: local cuisine, friendly atmosphere and themed evenings.
  • Hammocks and massages to rest between two sessions.
  • Super cool teachers to learn (in English, German, Portuguese). For French, aim for the Pontal site
Organization of downwind and kiteboarding under the full moon… intense and unforgettable experiences!

Barraca da Liza

A small restaurant with its feet in the water, Vila Mar, run by Liza and her daughters, will welcome you very warmly and will offer you 100% local and tasty cuisine. Ideally located on the kite spot (on the right in the lagoon), they have set up the place to promote the practice of Kitesurfing (shower, WC, hammock), with respect for the fishermen who work.

“Fresh dishes, lobster fish, crazy salads and always with local drinks”

Other refreshment bars are located to the left of the KBC and are located on … the huge beach, popular with Brazilians on weekends. A nicely lively place to live, in an array of swimmers on the edge and kiters in the waves in the distance.

Wind and weather stats


The winds

The winds here are regular trade winds of moderate strength, varying between 15 and 30 knots. The most favorable period extends between June and January, with a peak from August to December. It blows almost continuously, day and night.


Lessons are generally given at low tide, providing maximum comfort (feet everywhere, water at almost 30° C).

The surrounding spots

The coast around Parajuru allows the discovery of many nice spots…

The spots

The spots of BARRA NOVA, URUAU, PONTAL DE MACEIO and CANOA QUEBRADA are a few kilometers away.

20 minutes by car for the nearest, up to an hour for the furthest.


  • beautiful lagoons
  • wild
  • picturesque


  • open sea
  • waves


  • 3 different spots
  • fishing village, restaurants
  • 1 flat spot with foot almost everywhere at low tide


  • open sea spot
  • paragliding on the beach
  • evening party
  • night clubs
  • very touristy

To get there

To get to the different spots several possibilities. BUGGY (rental) by the beach, Car or taxi

And if you don’t kite…

First of all, the house is a great place where you feel totally disconnected (even if there is wifi), conducive to relaxation. The space-time is different here. There is everything for everyone, from the swimming pool, beach volleyball, music, aperitif corners, library-games, full tan (not overlooked), the cat to feed, and the dogs waiting for cuddles and moments of play . Ah, did we tell you about the animals?

Sports activities

Watching the exploits of kiters is great… But you can also…

Horse riding

  • organization of beautiful walks on the beaches
  • for all levels


  • surf spot close to the house
  • for all levels

The beach

  • the beach of course!
  • swimming in shallow water and playing with the waves is great!
  • the lagoon changes and creates basins at low tide. Exit kiters at sea and natural jacuzzi for swimmers!

The capoeira

  • dancing school in the village
  • all levels
  • all ages


  • kilometres of path, discovery of landscapes, shrimp ponds, vegetation
  • to practice early in the morning

Kite anyway!

I can only strongly advise people that the mere idea of ​​trying puts off or scares them, start anyway. My experience as a nana archinulle, without any nautical knowledge, proves that if I got there, everyone can do it. No arm strength required. The image of the blond, young and bloated guy or girl is relegated directly to oblivion. You see people, you say to yourself, that kite? I saw a grandpa almost with his cane on the beach and you see him leaving quietly on his board, no but hello what, crazy thing. The teachers are gifted with remarkable patience and pedagogy. Speedy by nature and quickly angry when things don’t go the way I want (faith as a pickaxe), I was able to approach zenitude and let go. You live the present moment fully, you think of nothing but your movements and positions, all your senses are on alert. Even if I don’t kite like a beast, I quickly had a lot of fun. The conditions are so awesome. To try it is to adopt it ! And even if you don’t kite like a god, it’s too much of an effect when you come back to the office when you show your photos/videos on the water. Even the bowls are envied, for having dared, it’s just great!

Tourism and relaxation

And also …


  • Aracati is the nearest medium-sized town (25 min.)
  • Its old colonial town
  • Its artisans market
  • Its covered market

The village

  • But first a visit to the village of Parajuru where you can already find a lot of things in the stalls
  • The sewing school makes items made with used kites that make great gifts
  • Tereza Emily Rosa creates bikinis according to your wishes, or based on one of your models
  • Beautician (hair, hand and foot care), for prices that I leave you the surprise to discover hehe!


  • buggy on the beach to discover the entire coastline